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The design is a high-throughput fiber-fed echelle. It is cross-dispersed, yielding a passband of 390-910 nm. It accommodates 3 optical fiber pairs (science+sky) and offers 3 resolutions, 60K, 48K and 30K. TRES will supersede the current Echelle spectrograph at the 1.5m, resulting in much greater observing efficiency (see the links below).

Here is a view of the TRES head from the NE in the chamber:

Please check with Dave Latham at CfA before the start of each trimester to coordinate your observations.

  • Before you observe...        Logistics for your observing run.

  • TRES Observing primer    NEW or RUSTY observers: start here

  • TRES Observing details    Comprehensive instructions

  • TCS Telescope Control (TCS)

  • Tres Guider

  • Tres CCD Control PC

  • Telshell

  • TRES Showcase

  • TRES Bench Temperatures

  • Minor Planet/Zero Point observations

  • TRES zero point history UPDATE of 8/21/13

    Older Documentation

  • TRES Instrument Design (postscript; PI Andy Szentgyorgyi)
  • TRES commissioning (September 2007)
  • TRES first light (June 2007)
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