1.5m TRES CCD Control Computer

Created: 07/10/09 by TG
Updated: 01/16/20 by EF

The 1.5m TRES CCD and stepper motors are controlled and serviced by a linux computer named tres-bench. It runs linux, and is always running a vncserver.

If you need to monitor the status of the CCD, start a vncviewer session to the computer that controls the CCD, tres-bench. On any xterm, type:

vncviewer tres-bench.sao.arizona.edu:2

You will be prompted for a password and you may put the job in the background once it's running. The password is the same as for the observer account on flwo60.

If the MyStep process shows errors, it may need to have the controller power cycled on the Pulizzi. Go to the TRES anteroom. Make sure the lights below switches labeled GUIDER (No. 3) and STEPPER (No. 5) are on. These are turned off when TRES is dismounted, and turned back on when it is mounted. Power glitches or failures may cause the controller to go off. If the lights are off, press the buttons and you should see them go on. Whenever these buttons are cycled to on, you MUST type rehome_motors in an xterm prior to the restart so it will set the motor positions.

To restart the CCD controller and motors, in an unused xterm, issue the command "xterm -e ssh -l restart tres-bench". There is an alias for this command, "redo". You will be prompted for the password, which is the same as for the observer account of flwo60.

This will open another xterm, which will remove the FOID and CCD_D and MYSTEP windows, initialize the camera, and restart FOID and CCD_D and MYSTEP. When this process has completed, from the window where you typed the above xterm command hit Cntrl-C. You WILL need to restart the Realtime system after this step.