TRES Showcase

TRES spectra cover the wavelength range 3860A to 9100A in 51 orders, with sharp, stable lines and good throughput from tip to tail. Order width goes from 75A in the blue, to 170A in the red, with 100A coverage at aperture 23. R = ~36,000 for the standard observing mode with the 2.3" M fiber, binned (0.0663A/binned pixel, 4.1 km/s per binned pixel at 5200A?). There is some overlap in the blue and middle orders, and small gaps in coverage between the red orders. Extracted aperture #1 corresponds to order #88 (blue), aperture #51 corresponds to order #38 (red).

See also the TRES webpage and the TDC instrument page.

Solar Spectrum

Telluric Features

Interstellar features

Stellar Features

Solar linelist data used here were produced at the Jungfraujoch Observatory by Delbouille L., Neven L., Roland G., 1973-1988, Photometric Atlas of the Solar Spectrum from l 3000 to l 10000, Institut d'Astrophysique, Université de Liège.