Created 05/23/11 EF
Updated 08/06/19 EF

The RTS2-F system (aka robot or Rob) has many commands for automatic acquisition of exposures with the 1.2m. Click this LINK to read the primer, a cookbook, instructions on starting and stopping the robot, or a description of a typical night's sequence of operations.

The status of RTS2-F may be viewed or changed with a web browser through its web GUI (password required). It also uses real-time system commands that control the robot itself, Keplercam and telescope systems. These commands are also available to user observer, either from an xterm or from Telshell.

See below for a brief description of the essential commands, or type man robot in any xterm on flwo48.

For more information, please check: RTS2-F Robot Documentation (primer, cookbook, etc.)

Telshell commands

xterm commands